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Pricing and Payment

Pricing and Payment Policy

Effective May 1, 2013


Age and Number of Children

Hourly Rate

Family Block 1

(7.5% Savings)

Family Block 2

(10% Savings)

Family Block 3

(15% Savings)

Family Block 4

(20% Savings)







2+ 1st Child*






2+ 2nd Child






2+ 3rd Child






2+ Full Time






Toddler 1st Child*






Toddler 2nd Child






Toddler FullTime






Infant 1st Child*






Infant 2nd Child






Infant Full Time






*The youngest child is considered the 1st Child


Additional Fees:

  • Annual Registration Fee - $50.00 per family, due each year from the time of registration
  • Lunch - $4.25
  • Drop-in Fee for Infants and Toddlers – Infants and toddlers that come in without any prior notice will be charged $5.00 per occurrence
  • Late Pick Up Fee – Families that pick up their children later than 5 minutes after closing, will be charged $1.00 per minute late fee
  • Cancellation Fee - $15.00 per child if we are not notified of a reservation cancellation
  • Parent’s Night Out - $40 1st Child, $25 each additional child
  • Diaper Fee - $1.50 for each diaper supplied by Tick Tock


How charges are calculated:

Charges are calculated in 15 minute increments.  Times will be rounded up to the next quarter hour (i.e. 3 hours and 5 minutes will be considered 3.25 hours).  There is a one hour minimum.  The youngest child is considered the first child. 


Full Time Program:

Full time is considered a minimum of 25 hours per week for a period of one month or more and includes lunch.  The 25 hours can be averaged out over the month (i.e. 30 hours one week, 20 hours the next).  The days and hours are flexible and can change from week to week.  If your child is sick or you go on vacation, you do not pay for the time your child is not here.



Timing of payment:

It is Tick Tock’s policy that payment be made either at the time of service or as pre-paid blocks of hours.  You can make arrangements to have us automatically charge your card when you run out of hours saving you time at check out. 


Forms of payment:

Cash, checks and credit cards (Master Card and Visa) are accepted.  A $20 fee will be charged for each returned check.


Pay as you go:

You can pay for each visit individually with payment due at the time of service. 


Blocks of hours: 

Blocks of hours can be purchased for convenience and savings.  Blocks are pre-paid hours that can be purchased per family.  Lunches and other additional charges can also be deducted from blocks of hours. 


If you choose to purchase a block, Tick Tock will track your hours.  When your account has $75 or less remaining we will provide you with a statement detailing the charges.  Prompt payment is appreciated.


Blocks of hours do not expire provided the registration is kept current, including all required medical forms.


There will be no refunds on unused blocks of hours. 


Full time payment:

Full time hours are the same as the Family Blocks.  The rate you pay per hour is based on the Block purchased.    


Past due accounts:
It is Tick Tock’s policy that payment be made either at the time of service or as pre-paid blocks of hours.  


In order to get the discounted rate for a block of hours, the account must be up to date.  If an account is more than $50 past due you will be charged the full hourly rate until payment has been made.  Once payment has been made, the discounted rate will not be retroactive. 


If an account is more than $200 past due, the family will be unable to participate in our program until payment or arrangement for payment has been made. 


After 30 days, past due amounts will automatically be charged to your credit card. 

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